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Vernon L. Chambless

For many people in Waycross, Personal Injury legal matters are an important issue to face. They come to the law firm of Chambless & Chambless to manage often complex matters that are regulated under Georgia Personal Injury Law.

Chambless & Chambless

Attorney Vernon L. Chambless is the Senior Partner of this Waycross, GA, law firm. In 1985, he founded the law firm after earning his Juris Doctor Law Degree at Woodrow Wilson College of Law. Attorney Chambless has been licensed to practice law in Georgia for 31 years, and has devoted his law practice to focusing on a group of legal matters that most people must deal with at some time in their life.

Georgia Personal Injury

Resolving legal challenges in the best manner to provide relief and resolution to our clients is always the primary goal of work at Chambless & Chambless. Our knowledge and skills for helping clients with Georgia Personal Injury cases is exceptionally good. We have helped thousands of clients find justice after their lives and families were disrupted by personal injury incidents.

When people are harmed or die from accidents due to negligent behavior of others, the Georgia legal system offers victims and survivors a path to obtain relief and justice, as well as fair compensation for financial harm caused by accident harm.

Waycross Personal Injury Attorney

Accidents often are due to negligent behavior by other people or companies. People are injured at work, while on the job away from the office, or while they are driving or visiting a variety of locations, including private property and business locations. Other personal injuries occur due to a deliberate attack.

Our GA Personal Injury Attorney can help you gain fair compensation for expenses and losses related to your Personal Injury Claim. This includes the following common claims:

  • Medical Care Expenses – Emergency Care, Hospital & Medical Treatment Costs, Tests and Follow-up Care can be astronomically expensive.
  • Lost Income – Injuries can render you unable to work, with related income losses. If you are unable to return to your job, you may not find another with equal pay.
  • Rehabilitation & Retraining – An accident can result in temporary or permanent disability. You may require expensive rehabilitation services or retraining to be able to work again.
  • Survivor Claims – When a death occurs due to negligence, survivors may be eligible to file claims for loss of companionship, guardianship, income and future inheritance.

If you have questions or concerns about Personal Injury legal matters, start finding answers with a free consultation. Contact the law firm of Chambless & Chambless, in Waycross, GA. Call Attorney Vernon L. Chambless now, at 912-285-4160.

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